Adiro: Indications and Side Effects

Adiro® is the brand name for the brand name Adiro®, which markets 100-300 milligram tablets of acetylsalicylic acid. It is a drug with anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.
Adiro: Indications and Side Effects

Last update: 18 March, 2023

Adiro ® is a medication prescribed to many patients who have experienced an acute myocardial infarction, coronary ischemic episodes, or other cardiovascular conditions for the first time. It serves as prevention against a possible second event.

Its active ingredient is acetylsalicylic acid and it differs from aspirin in its concentration. It comes in tablets of between 100 and 300 milligrams, while the second comes in 500. Although it has an analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory action, it’s known to help inhibit platelet aggregation.

On the other hand, studies have shown that this active principle has antiproliferative properties that affect the reduction of the risk of colon cancer.

How does Adiro ® work?

As we mentioned, it’s vital in the preventive treatment of different cardiovascular diseases. This is what has popularized its use the most, leading this medicine to be one of the best sellers in the world.

Despite the fact that it has other properties, in the doses in which Adiro ® is marketed the greatest effect is its antiplatelet action. This means that it acts to prevent platelets from clumping together, generating clots or thrombi, which are ultimately responsible for clogging the arteries.

How does this happen? Acetylsalicylic acid inhibits the synthesis of cyclooxygenase 1 (COX-1), the enzyme responsible for grouping platelets, forming clots. This action is activated when there’s a cut or wound on the body.


Adiro ® is prescribed for specific patients and the dose is usually no more than one tablet daily. For an adequate effect, it should be consumed with water and always at the same time of the day. Don’t take more than the prescribed dose, change the intake times or mix the drug with alcoholic beverages.

This medication is only available with a prescription. Its use is exclusive for patients with a history of myocardial infarction, stroke, angina pectoris, or in the recovery stage after a heart intervention or coronary bypass.

It’s difficult to establish when you can act preventively before a first episode. This is the reason why it’s used to prevent a second attack and its intake is ordered by a specialist doctor. So it isn’t recommended to consume it if there’s no history of a thrombus emergency.

Adiro working.
Thrombi are clots that obstruct circulation and affect the delivery of oxygen to the tissues.

Contraindications of Adiro ®

It’s important that medical personnel identify cases where aspirin shouldn’t be given. Among them we find the following:

  • Allergy to acetylsalicylic acid and other compounds present in the medication.
  • History of asthma associated with this compound.
  • Bleeding, gastric ulcers, or other conditions associated with coagulation.
  • Kidney failure or liver failure.
  • Lactating women and in certain months of pregnancy.

In addition, its intake isn’tt recommended or should be controlled by the health professional if the patient is going to undergo surgery or dental intervention. Other drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding, such as heparin, should also be considered.

Other drugs that interact with Adiro ® are analgesics and anti-inflammatories. Especially non-steroidal ones, like ibuprofen. Nor should it be combined with corticosteroids, diuretics, or antidepressants.

Side effects of Adiro ®

Adiro ® can produce some side effects in patients who consume it for the first time, such as the following:

  • Gastric and duodenal ulcer or intestinal bleeding
  • Vomiting
  • Nasal congestion or respiratory distress with bronchial spasm
  • Hives and skin rashes

Some of these side effects may disappear with a dose adjustment. But, in any situation, you should consult your health professional. Especially since these symptoms could alert to the development of Reye syndrome, possibly the most serious adverse reaction.

This illness is rare, but you need to be careful. It can cause inflammation in the brain and liver. It also compromises the kidneys and produces constant noises in the ears known as tinnitus.

Likewise, high doses can trigger hypoprothrombinemia, a disorder that completely inhibits prothrombin, which is the protein involved in the blood clotting process.

Can it cause poisoning?

Adiro ® can cause poisoning in two different ways. The first occurs when the drug is involuntarily or voluntarily ingested excessively for the first time. The second is when patients consume the drug for a long time, which is known as chronic poisoning.

When the acute form occurs, care must be provided urgently, as it could be fatal. This occurs because acetylsalicylic acid is converted in the body to salicylic acid and then to salicylate. This compound produces severe changes in cell function and can lead to organ failure.

In the second case, symptoms such as kidney failure and dehydration occur. This condition is usually avoided with efficient medical control in patients who require medication intake for a long time.

Woman with chest pain.
As a preventive therapy, acetylsalicylic acid is a tool to prevent future recurrences of myocardial infarctions.

Adiro ® versus generic aspirin

As it’s one of the best-selling drugs in the world, questions arise about the effectiveness of other brands with the same composition. The reality is that there are no studies that indicate that Adiro ® works more effectively than other drugs with the same concentration i.e. generic brands.

The action of acetylsalicylic acid should be the same, regardless of the brand that sells it. What can vary is the concentration, which must be the same as that prescribed by the treating physician.

Adiro ® – always with a prescription

In Spain, Adiro ® is the best-selling aspirin, especially the 100-milligram presentation. Its demand is so high that, due to the shortage that has occurred on several occasions due to problems in the laboratory that produces it, it has had to be imported from other locations.

Adiro ® is a drug that helps prevent heart conditions that could be fatal if they occurred for a second time. It’s important that you are very careful with your intake and always follow medical guidelines to avoid poisoning.

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