Editorial policy

There’s a lot of health data on the internet and an increasing volume of health information can be found on the web. This complicates the possibility of finding reliable results. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with reliable, in-depth, and scientifically verified health content.

Our editorial vision

We’re a portal of scientific information and updates for health professionals, students of health sciences, and people interested in a deeper approach to topics related to wellness. We use clear and direct language to transmit quality and certified data on central health issues.

Among the large amount of health information available on the Internet, Muy Salud assures its readers that what they’ll find here is a scientific, valid, up-to-date, and evidence-based summary.

Our values

Muy Salud is guided by the following values:

  • Trust: The information you’ll find here is reliable. It has been validated by health professionals and is supported by scientific sources that can be consulted in the bibliography of each section.
  • Inclusion: We don’t issue value judgments, but rather transmit scientific information that includes most of the realities that a health professional may encounter in their practice or professional training.
  • Quality: We’re committed to the quality of our information. We don’t publish data that we can’t corroborate or that may generate doubts about its veracity. We compile the current knowledge on a subject and establish the priority points that can’t be ignored.

Every day, these values guide our work. And this is because health information is sensitive. Our commitment is to offer the best, most reliable and inclusive content.

Our voice

To communicate quality information, according to our governing values, we use language that possesses certain characteristics:

  • Empathetic:We’re professionals who make professional level content. Muy Salud is a portal that can be understood by anyone, but its language still uses technical terms, explained and developed in detail. Whoever reads us is looking for updated and reliable information, all in the same place.
  • No prejudices: Science can’t be prejudiced, so we don’t judge. We help the professionals who read us to quickly find the information they’re looking for, without falling into circumstantial opinions, and basing everything on scientific evidence. We talk about diseases of people who are in different stages and processes, so the focus is on the human being and the possibility of increasing their well-being.
  • Reliable:We work with experts and health professionals who communicate their knowledge after having verified it with concrete scientific data. You can trust Muy Salud’s information because the value of quality runs through all our publications.

The style guide followed by our editors focuses on accuracy. Our voice is professional, sober, and approachable, understandable and scientific at the same time.

Our team

Muy Salud has a team of professionals in the health field to offer reliable, truthful, up-to-date quality information. In addition, this team respects our governing values, so it elaborates the contents in an understandable language that’s quick to read and with maximum bibliographic validity.

The writers and editors of our portal verify the information they offer to the reader by means of scientific sources and their professional experience. For the elaboration of content, they respect a previous research process that’s part of the responsibility they assume.

We prioritize information from scientific studies and human clinical trials published in peer-reviewed academic media. Likewise, our team uses the Clinical Guidelines of medical societies and the statements of renowned health organizations, such as the WHO. If these sources aren’t available, then results from animal or *in vitro*, testing will be used, provided that they contribute to the elaboration of the topic.

Our editorial process

Muy Salud selects contents according to what’s considered current and relevant in the health field. Some topics are general and monographic, while others are specific and concrete.

Part of the editorial team is responsible for proposing the topics to be developed. Priority is given to original topics, avoiding repetition and plagiarism. Each of these topics is analyzed and receives approval (or not) before passing onto the writing process.

Then, the healthcare professional team writes the content. Guided by our values and our voice, they elaborate an informative, accurate, and reliable text based on scientific data. Another part of the editorial team reviews and edits the content before it’s published.

You should know that at Muy Salud, we don’t allow plagiarism, so our editing team performs a thorough review to ensure that there’s no information that’s been copied from another source.

Different filters are applied create a text that, published in our portal, has verifiable information, updated bibliography, and links that allow the reader to corroborate what we express. At Muy Salud, you’l find content with updated proposals and the summary of evidence on health issues. This is possible due to the editorial process that we respect in each publication.

After some time, the contents of our portal are revised again. This is done in order to keep the data updated, especially in a field as changing as that of human health. Periodically, part of the editorial team reviews the publications to incorporate new scientific knowledge that may have been added. This content audit is carried out periodically.

Our verification labels

In Muy Salud’s publications, you’ll find the following 4 labels that indicate the degree of verification of the information:

  • Fact checked: If our article has this label, it means that the content is based on reliable scientific and academic sources. In the final bibliography section, you’ll be able to corroborate these sources.
  • Evidence based: This label designates a higher verification value than the previous one. It means that most of the sources in the bibliography are scientific studies that have their own validation process by specialized health journals.

Comments, suggestions and corrections

Muy Salud is open to receiving comments, suggestions, and corrections from readers. Your participation in our voice and values is very important for us to continue to ensure the quality of our content.

We want to earn your trust and have you choose us again and again.

Your communications will always be taken into account, will be answered as soon as possible, and will lead to the revision of our publications.