Cottagecore: A Very Natural Lifestyle

Cottagecore is much more than fashion, beautiful dresses and impressive photographs. It has a sense of reconciliation with traditional values. Get to know it!
Cottagecore: A Very Natural Lifestyle

Last update: 21 June, 2021

The internet has much to offer regarding the latest trends in different lifestyles. One of these goes by the name of cottagecore, and we’ll be telling you all about this very natural lifestyle. If you’ve ever heard about it on the web or know someone who follows this style, then you’ll have noticed that the people who follow it dress in an old-fashioned way and positively promote their way of life.

But that’s not all, as it’s something that goes far beyond what the eye can see. It also has a special background that’s related to the traditions of our ancestors, and they show us just how these traditions can positively impact our lives.

By taking a closer look at this lifestyle, we can identify how people lived in the past and, more importantly, the care and value they placed on things, because most of them were made by their own hands. We also learn about how to look after nature in a more significant way.

What is cottagecore?

Countryside and cottagecore.
This lifestyle enhances closeness with the countryside.

Although we’ve already described a little about what cottagecore is, we’re going to expand on the concept. As you’ll have seen, the use of the words gives the impression of giving in the heart of the countryside.

This is a very natural lifestyle in which the perspective of life is exalted and promoting self-sufficiency. Those who follow this rural lifestyle try to become one with nature and live in a different way than people normally do.

This lifestyle consists of putting aside social networks and everything that can take them away from a natural and traditional way of enjoying existence on earth. The only time they use social networks is to let other people know about their way of life.

It’s common to see those who live in this way teach people how they do their walks, how they relate to their pets, the process of baking bread, or how they make traditional food over campfires. In addition, they teach weaving and make the most of what nature has to offer in order to satisfy their needs.

In addition, due to their naturalistic approach, they stand out because they take great care of their surroundings so that other people can also take advantage of the wonders that it offers them.

Origin of cottagecore

The reason cottagecore people dress in an old-fashioned way or live a so-called old-fashioned lifestyle is that their origins are in the 18th century in France, specifically in Versailles.

According to the story, it all started with the arrival of Queen Marie Antoinette. She imposed a fashion that was characterized by the use of shepherd-style dresses, light colors with ruffles and lace. But this isn’t all, as we’ve been able to appreciate through cinematographic works, that this royal woman really did enjoy life in the country.

In fact, even though it seems, and is, from another era, cottagecore is a lifestyle that has become increasingly popular in these times, in the middle of 2021 and in times of pandemic.

The confinement we’ve all experienced has led people to return to their roots, rethink ways of life, and find refuge in the traditional, increasingly valuing the resources that Mother Earth provides.

The cottagecore style

Although there are countless aspects to the cottagecore style, we’ll focus on defining two that are very important: clothing and decoration. These two are the most visible aspects of this lifestyle.


Although the trend in terms of the way of dressing, as we already said, is due to the style imposed by Queen Marie Antoinette, the French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has made this style fashionable again. In July 2019, he presented a show based on this trend as a fashion alternative for the 2020 spring-summer season.

His inspiration also comes from his upbringing, as he grew up on a farm where he had, perhaps without knowing it, a direct approach to cottagecore. There he had direct contact with the use of floral prints and pastel country hats that contrast perfectly with the hues of nature.


Decoration is one of the greatest skills of the people who lead this lifestyle. When something is inherited, it must be left in the same condition you receive it in. You’re not allowed to make changes in any aspect. The idea is to preserve the tradition behind each object.

To exalt and publicize the beauty of their acquisitions, it is when they make use of social networks. There they post the photographs and describe the importance of the objects. They often make catalogs or other forms of presentation where the vintage style prevails.

These traditional objects – that are usually porcelain, teapots, cups, and rugs – are displayed in the most natural and traditional way possible. However, it’s also part of their custom to take advantage of, reuse or transform objects or old pieces.

Who takes part in this lifestyle?

Cottagecore extension.
Anyone can start this practice.

Men and women are part of this trend, but it’s easier to identify the women. Considering that this trend is currently all the rage, it is easy to think that anyone who posts a photograph with cottagecore characteristics belongs to the mainstream, but it isn’t like that.

It’s also a mistake to think that only those who live the countryside can belong to it. At present, not everyone has the possibility of living in rural areas or farms. Despite this, it’s still possible to try to lead this natural lifestyle even living in the city.

This is because cottagecore is more than an aesthetic, it has to do with the interest of living in harmony with nature, favoring slow processes, and valuing artisanal and traditional practices. Because of this, it’s normal for there to be a greater interest in traditionally feminine housework, as well as objects or instruments used in ancient times.

All of this gives those who are part of this trend the opportunity to appreciate the development of life, giving themselves space to reflect or enjoy it.

Criticisms of cottagecore

Just like any trend you see on social networks, cottagecore is exposed to criticism too. Despite the nature of its origin and the passage of time that it has been in force, it cannot be exempt from them.

Most girls who represent this lifestyle or culture, for many people, reinforce certain stereotypes. They’re usually thin women with white complexions and blond hair, and they’re often criticized for an alleged exclusion of other types of femininity.

On the other hand, there are those who claim that they teach the easier tasks to perform in the countryside, leaving aside the more complex ones. Some of the tasks they tend to miss out are collecting animal droppings, milking cows, preparing fields and plowing, among others.

Had you heard about cottagecore?

Films like Marie Antoinette, Little Woman show us the cottagecore style in all its splendor. If you have seen them you’ll have been able to appreciate a lot of what it offers. You may not have heard about the concept before, but now you do!

Today, this style is so popular that many brands, especially clothing, have several options for those who already belong or want to do so.

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